Sup. im 14 ( "look at that little pimp"- Thugisa ) )
-> Im a female btww
--> Wuv music ( especially Of Mice & Men, PTV, Sleeping with Sirens, Suicide Silence, ADTR, MCR )
---> I Like Anime bro :3
----> I post random shit, hopefully it'll make you laugh...or chuckle, who cares
-----> Im bisexual bishes [ single Pringle ]
------> Ask me a question c: i dun bite
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Can you please change whoever is providing you with ads? I shouldn't have to read bullshit as sexist and blatantly racist as the shit at the bottom of your blog. China love, Asian lovers, chnlov, shit like this, I shouldn't have to read this fucking bullshit. I hope you fucking die, you disgusting perverted shitlord. I can't believe I have to expose myself to this bullshit that you obviously fucking love and enjoy so much, just so you can make some fucking money. Fuck you shitlord I hope you die


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