Sup. im 13 ( "look at that little pimp"- Thugisa ) )
-> Im a female btww
--> Wuv music ( especially Of Mice & Men, PTV, Sleeping with Sirens, Suicide Silence, ADTR, MCR )
---> I Like Anime bro :3
----> I post random shit, hopefully it'll make you laugh...or chuckle, who cares
-----> Im bisexual bishes [ taken by @that-blackette ]
------> Ask me a question c: i dun bite
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headcanon: rin sometimes forgets makoto cares about everyone, not just haru. so when makoto says things like “be careful” rin always goes “omg he’ll be FINE” and makoto says “rin that was meant for you too” and then rin becomes an embarrassing hot mess of emotions and sousuke laughs at him for centuries